Sunday, December 1, 2019

OCTOBER 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 2019

Dear Knitters,

Welcome to Minnesota Knitters’ Days!

We are gathering at the Miracle Lodge at the Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch in Stewartville, MN!  All meals are in the Dining Hall, which is a short walk from Miracle Lodge.  Our meeting room is in the Riverside Room which is located on the Main Level, first floor, as you enter the building.  Our rooms are located on the Main Level and the Upper Level.  There is a nice balcony area on the upper level, which overlooks the Riverside Room.  Plan to arrive Thursday around 4:30pm. Find your room which is listed after your name on the roster.  Each room has a full bathroom, microwave and small fridge. 

Meals are served in the Dining Hall, which is a short walk from the Lodge.  This year we have Lunch served at 12 noon and Dinner served at 6:00pm, all cafeteria style.  There is a kitchenette area off of our class room in Riverside Room, which is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, coffee cups, and a coffee maker.  Bring your desired breakfast items to have in your room. Coffee is supplied in the kitchenette at the back of our classroom. If you have a favorite coffee that you would like to brew, please feel free to bring your coffee, and anything else you would like to have in the morning.  As always, feel free to bring any snacks to share with the knitters.  There is a large table at the back of our class room to share snacks.
No smoking in buildings or around entry ways.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the grounds.

Attn: Dinner is at 6:00 Thursday evening, if you will be late Thursday for dinner, let me know and I will make a plate of food, and it will be available for you when you arrive. 

Annual Knitter’s Gift Exchange is on Thursday Evening.  Please bring an un-identified/anonymous wrapped item to the exchange that is related to knitting. This “knitting related” item may or may not be a hand knitted gift, camper’s choice.  Every year we have a wonderful variety of items and everyone seems to have a hard time choosing the gift they prefer.  It’s a fun evening getting to know everyone in our group.

Friday Evening:  Show and Share.  We would like to see what everyone has created for new ideas and inspiration.  This is just for fun, and is not a contest.  This is an evening to inspire others and be inspired!

See New Event:
Silent Auction:  New this year and suggested by attendee Nancy McElmurry:  After Friday evenings “Show and Share”, Nancy will talk about our Silent Auction.  Some of us have an “overabundance” of our craft.  This will give us an opportunity to enable others to purchase items to wear and enjoy knit pieces that they have admired from other campers.  Bring your completed items that you would be interested in auctioning, along with your minimum price desired.  Or, check out the beautiful knitwear available and place your bid! 

Saturday Evening:  The auctioned items will be reviewed and the highest bidder will claim their purchase.     

Evening programs will be at 7pm.  We are always very flexible, these times are approximate.

Anne Bosch of Blackberry Ridge will be with us again this year with her yarns for sale.  Let her know what you may want to see, visit her website at to check out what she has to offer.  Then e-mail her with suggestions and/or questions that you may have,  

-Wear a close-fitting shirt, or (better yet—a camisole or tank top), and please wear your “good” bra (the one that puts everything in the right place!).  Bring a positive attitude and a sense of humor. 
-Please bring TWO identical gauge swatches – AT LEAST 6 inches by 6 inches – in whatever simple stitch pattern you’re interested in using for a jacket ( if you can’t decide, just make stockinette stitch swatches)  Don’t wash or block your swatches.

Supply kits include: Jersey Knit material, Lining, Full sized Charting paper for pattern.

Required materials to bring:   
Paper, pencil, eraser
Flexible measuring tape
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Sewing needle
Black sewing thread
Straight pins
Sharpie marker

Optional materials:
Jean Frost’s Custom Knit Jackets book (the blue one)
Long ruler/yardstick (for drawing long, straight lines)
Rotary cutter and mat (only if you desire have)

Portable Sewing Machine
Extension cord and/or power strip with multiple outlets. 

Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch
7291 CR 6 SW
Stewartville, MN 55976

Detailed Directions: See attachment to this email

ROSTER 2019, and room assignments

1. Melody Baker, 202

2. Anne Bosch, 103

3. Audrey Caine, 202

4. Florette Chenevert, 103

5. Susan Dempsey, 105

6. Marie Duquette, 105

7. Candace Eisner Strick, 204

8.  Judith Eisner, 204

9. Barb Farrell, 110

10. Betsy Foster, 104

11. Sonya Glaser, 107

12. Karen Gustavsson, 109

13. Deb Hegstrom, 108

14. Sheryl Hill, 102

15. Becky Huerta, 208

16. Mary Jellison, 104

17. Kris King, 202

18. Nancy McElmurry, 201

19. Karen Meade, 110

20. Pam Olson, 106

21. Jan Raaf, 107

22. Carol Reuter, 201

23. Stacey Ross, 102

24. Judy Thompson, 109

25. Marilyn Thompson, 208

26. Janet Ungs, 102

27. Lynn Walek, 210

28. Alison Walsh, 108

29. Agnes Zelgert, 106

30. Sarah Peasley, 205

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