Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 Camp Letter

October 26, 27, 28, 2007
Dear Knitters,
Welcome to Minnesota Knitters’ Days! Thank you for your attendance!
We will gather at The Villa Maria around 5:00 in the front lobby for registration and move into our rooms before dinner. All meals are in Marian Hall in the lower level; our rooms are located on third floor along with our classroom called “The Lakeview Room” starting Saturday morning. If you can not make it for dinner Friday evening, let me know 2 weeks before camp begins. (They require an accurate count for meals.)
This year we will conduct a Chinese Auction. Please bring a wrapped item to auction related to knitting of a value of $5-$8. This “knitting related” item need not be a hand knitted gift, camper’s choice. Last year we had a wonderful variety of items and everyone seemed to choose to keep their item rather than “trade” it off. It was great fun, so now is an annual event for Friday evening.
Please bring projects for Show and Share scheduled for Saturday evening. We would like to see what everyone is creating, for new ideas and inspiration. This is just for fun, no contest! Every year we have a “knitting garage sale” of sorts…..so feel free to bring items to sell. We will find a space for display.
Feel free to bring snacks to share, no alcoholic beverages are allowed at the Villa. The Villa is smoke free.
The Villa’s phone number is (651) 345-3457, if you need to be contacted during the weekend. The caller should be prepared to give the receptionist a name and number so you may return the call. Address is: 29847 County 2 Blvd., Frontenac, MN 55026. There is a website www.villamariaretreats.org. Feel free to go visit.
Attn: Dinner is at 6:00 Friday evening cafeteria style until 6:30. If you will be late let me know and a plate will be make up for you. Saturday breakfast is 8:00, Lunch at noon, Dinner at 6:00. Sunday brunch is 10:00.
Anne Bosch of Blackberry Ridge will be with us again this year. She will bring yarns for the weekend for your convenience. Let her know what you may want to see, visit her website at www.blackberry-ridge.com to check out what she has to offer. Then e-mail her with suggestions and/or questions that you may have.
Homework at the bottom!

1. Berland, Judy
2. Bosch, Anne
3. Cadwallader, Yvonne
4. Clarke, Jennifer
5. Cyson, Karen
6. Edstrom, Julie
7. Eyer, Yvonne
8. Farrell, Barb
9. Falbo, Amy
10. Foster, Betsy
11. Jeronimus, Lois
12. Hill, Sheryl
13. Kelley, Cathy
14. Larson, Sandy
15. Lautt Kathi
16. Mayr, Ursula
17. McElmurry, Nancy
18. Melrose, Velia R
19. Morrison, Lois
20. Reuter, Carol
21. Schneider, Gail
22. Stumpf, Anita
23. Walin, Bonita


The Many Benefits of Those Oops! Dropped Stitches

Swatch 1: Use the long tail CO for all swatches. Work 6” square Stockinette swatch in plain light colored yarn with appropriate needles.
Swatch 2: Cast on 31 sts. [Knit 2 rows, Purl I row.] Repeat these 3 rows until 8”. Keep on needles or holder.
Swatch 3 (optional): Work 6” swatch of various aran or pattern sts with 3 purl sts between each motif.
Swatches should not be BO or blocked.
Supplies: Swatch yarn and needles; tapestry needle; scissors; calculator; pen and paper; 10-12 various stash yarns, novelties, and ribbons in your choice of colorways; 30" circular 6.5mm ( US 10 1/2) or 7.0mm (US 11)needle.
If you have any questions or concerns on the homework you may e-mail Chris.